Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Epilogue One: Basking

Memories from the bus ride home, post-race:
- Everyone belting out our awful version of "We Are the Champions" by Queen, until we were hoarse.
- The feeling that WE did it, together.
- Looping around the square in Baraboo, celebrating from the seats of the yellow school bus.
- Entering the BHS gymnasium, where a varsity volleyball game was going on ... causing the game to pause as word of our victory spread in the crowd (sorry, volleyballers).
- Posing for more photos in the gym with our trophy:
Kneeling (L to R): Kelly, Hegley, McGann, Nikl
Standing (L to R): Queniahan, Coach Briscoe, Crary, Nelson

- Pizza Hut, post-shower (where else?).

Here are a few more post-race clippings from the scrapbook:

Here's Shannon winning the girl's race:

This next one was in the Tomah paper:

Now here are some handsome lads (um ... we looked much better in person!)

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